Trustee Consulting Services

  • Quarterly or Annual Plan Review
  • Investment Option Review
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Checklist
  • Quarterly communication with trustee
  • Completion of the 6-Step Retirement Plan Process
  • Investment Committee guidance


Plan Consulting Services

Your company’s retirement plan is a valuable benefit for your employees. Investment Solutions Group assists you in your role as fiduciary of your company plan through:

  • Fiduciary plan reviews of investments.
  • Fiduciary plan review.
  • Educational Guidance on certain plan requirements.
  • Assist with the investment aspect of IPS (Investment Policy Statements) and periodically review investments against the IPS.
  • Assist with plan documents, including 404(c) provisions, compared to SPD.
  • Evaluate participant communication and education programs.
  • Comprehensive vendor search


Participant Consulting Services

Investment Solutions Group partners with your 401(k) service platform to provide participant enrollment, education and investment guidance services.

  • On-site initial group enrollment meeting
    • Provide meeting addressing 401(k) plan provisions, investment structure and options, retirement planning issues and plan enrollment forms
  • Follow-up group enrollment/continuing education meeting every six months
    • Address current investment market environment
    • Present plan investment option returns
    • Discuss relevant investment strategies
    • Cover plan enrollment process for new enrollees
    • Income for Life presentation and participant analysis
  • Internet access to account information available
  • Telephone support available
  • All enrollment materials and meetings available in Spanish
  • Individual 401(k) investment guidance available from our office by phone
  • Post-participation counseling available upon termination of employment
  • Monthly Investment and financial newsletters available.